Author: chrisbass

Here I go

So, admittedly I watch American Idol. I know it’s not my proudest admittance but I did so because I honestly have hope for it. This year there’s a fair crop of talented people and among them some singer songwriter types. The problem with the show is it’s not showing any clearly defined change your head make your brain explode newness.… Read more →

It’s been a while

First off, I wonder how many WP blog site posts start out with the title ‘It’s been a while’. Probably too many to count….. ‘Writer runs off and does a quick google search’ OK, a quick search and I got back out of the first 2 pages of results 5 out of 20 were blog posts, and most of the… Read more →

Two food ideas I can get behind

About nine years ago two friends had a dream. A dream of the most extreme State Fair treat you could ever come up with. Something that would forever change the landscape of doughy battered deep fried culinary artistry for years to come. For some unknown reason those friends never investigated the idea but someone somewhere with a like mind set… Read more →

From the pages of Facebook

Facebook has apparently loosened their acceptable user policies. I recently received a request from a member of the undead. I accepted the request and realized that by doing so I have ushered in a new era in communication. The dead to the living via an electronic medium. Here is an excerpt from one of his posts: What’s Black and White… Read more →

Things I’m looking into

Someone mentioned to me developing facebook applications. That sounded interesting so now I’m looking into it at and reading the book ‘Facebook Cookbook, 1st Edition‘ . Also looking at the APIs counterpart at Googles OpenSocial API which requires you to create an Orkut account at . But since I have a gmail account I already had an orkut… Read more →


I just found a web site that let’s people create their own comic strips without having to draw. What deplorable idea will someone come up with next. I am not even going to give it a mention because I find the idea so offensive. I’ll just say they use Pix in their name and I guess you can google it… Read more →