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Biz Cards

I finally have some, so now I can finally give someone something that lets them know exactly what I do. Calling anyone out there who wants to freelance with me or contract my development services, email me and I will mail you a crisp new business card. Now how exciting is that? Read more →

Something Awful

Something Awful is behind this poster: This morning my wife and I were passing by a spot in the hallway and we both noticed a faint smell. At first Helen thought that one of our animals had gone to the bathroom somewhere but my CSI senses kicked in and I recognized the stench of decomp. Currently we have a hole… Read more →

Found my missing iPhone

So around about Monday of this week my wife was driving onto the parkway. Little did she know that my phone was sitting atop her vehicle. Since I had been trying to find it for the last couple of days I had tracked it to her car using my mobileme account. I searched the car numerous times but neglected to… Read more →

Here I go

So, admittedly I watch American Idol. I know it’s not my proudest admittance but I did so because I honestly have hope for it. This year there’s a fair crop of talented people and among them some singer songwriter types. The problem with the show is it’s not showing any clearly defined change your head make your brain explode newness.… Read more →