Dear Mr. Mullins

A real real person who will be missed
A real real person who will be missed.

Over the weekend I lost one of my inspirations for the weird stuff I do. Jeremy Wade Mullins worked at the Savannah Morning News around the same time I did and I never knew a happier free from drudgery of 9 to 5 person in my life. He genuinely seemed to enjoy what he did and it was reflected in the praise he received. All that praise was justified for he was also an extremely talented individual.

I can not say that he and I were close friends but I like to think of him as a friend. I think part of the reason I am seeking my MFA is for people like him who worked all those years while getting his MFA and then moving on to be an inspiration to his students at SCAD. I was just reading some of the comments on his facebook page and I am not surprised at the number of individuals he touched.

I am also amazed at the way that we all found out, through this new social media that connects us all. He was a huge proponent of that as a means not only to connect but as a tool for the distribution of Sequential Art.

Jeremy you will be missed.

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