The Edgerly’s, old friends who fit in here

I just came across 2 brothers who I knew back in the day. For some reason these guys just seem to fit on this site which is awesome.

The first, David, who I worked with at a Liquor store in college is now a comic book writer/illustrator. His comic Lost Rites is going big time with a short film adaptation:

Comic Here:

Movie Trailer here:  [youtube][/youtube]

This looks like a real smart concept so check it out if you get the chance.

The second, Chris, basically got me to come out of my post adolescent shell by saying I should try stand-up which I did on a non-descriptive open-mic night back in the early 90’s. It was my Opening Night as well as my Farewell Performance.

Fortunately there is still a Chris out there doing comedy and you can check him out if you live in or around LA. Chris Edgerly performs with a group called The Men’s Club Comedy Tour

Check them out on FB here:

And thier website here:

Hey Chris, how bout a web site redesign for that Men’s Club Comedy Tour?

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